Upper & Lower Back Pain Treatment in Atlanta, GA

The most common form of pain that we treat at Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates is back pain. Back pain can occur all over the back for any number of reasons. Fortunately, we offer a breadth of treatment options to help patients in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Sandy Springs overcome their back pain.

Lower Back Pain

The lower back is responsible for supporting the entire upper body and is also integral to hip motion that occurs when walking. Most back pain results from muscle strain, often caused by heavy lifting, stretching, or twisting of the back. It can also arise from a herniated disc or a number of joint injuries. This pain can even spread to the legs in some cases.

Upper Back Pain

The upper back is more resistant to injury than the lower back, and this pain is often caused by issues with posture. Upper back pain can also result from muscle or joint injury. Pain can be sharp, spread throughout the upper body, and can even cause numbness.

Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain has causes and symptoms similar to lower back pain, and is often caused by strained muscles or injured discs. All types of back pain can be treated at Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates, as we specialize in several treatment methods that enable patients to find relief. In addition to the treatments below, we use epidurals and steroid injections to maximize the efficacy and comfort of our back pain treatments.

Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Sacroiliac joints connect the spine to the hips, and are a common cause of lower back pain. To treat this, we perform sacroiliac joint injections. A sacroiliac joint injection (also called an SI joint injection) first places a numbing medicine into the joint to provide immediate relief. If you achieve complete relief while the joint is numb, it means this joint is most likely the source of your pain. We may recommend this treatment to patients suffering from pain in the lower back, buttocks, or legs.

Facet Joint Injections

Facet joints connect the vertebra in your neck and back. Each vertebra has four facet joints, with one pair that connects to the vertebra above and one pair that connects to the vertebra below. When these become inflamed, they can cause neck or back pain and will require facet joint injections. A facet joint injection includes both a long-lasting corticosteroid and an anesthetic numbing agent. The drugs are injected into the facet joint either inside the joint capsule or in the tissue surrounding the joint capsule. The injections work to reduce inflammation and can be effective when delivered directly into the painful area. Relief lasts from days to years, and allows you to improve your spinal condition with physical therapy and exercise. We may recommend this treatment to patients suffering from neck, arm, lower back, or leg pain.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Median nerves in the back only function to deliver pain signals to the facet joints. These nerves can be safely removed using a method called radiofrequency ablation (also called facet joint denervation). If you are experiencing back pain as a result of facet joint dysfunction, it is likely that you will have some damage to these nerves that causes additional pain and discomfort. Once the nerves are removed, the pain goes away, while leaving the facet joints fully functional.

If you are suffering from any kind of back pain, you may want to consider back pain treatment at Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates. Our versatile techniques can help you overcome lower, middle, and upper back pain. We welcome patients from Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Sandy Springs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.