Joint Pain Treatment in Atlanta, GA

The joints are responsible for all of the major movements of the body, making them a common source of pain and a particularly problematic area to develop injuries in. Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates offers joint pain treatments for men and women living in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Alpharetta, and the neighboring areas of Georgia.

What is Joint Pain?

The joints are made up of bones, ligaments, and tendons. Joint pain can occur as a result of injury to any one of these components. Patients experiencing joint pain may also experience swelling, weakness, stiffness, or a reduced range of motion. It is important to rest the injured joint and seek treatment, as continued joint activity could worsen your symptoms and create long-term damage.

Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Sacroiliac joints connect the spine to the hips, and are a common cause of joint pain in the hips and legs. To treat this, we perform sacroiliac joint injections. A sacroiliac joint injection (also called an SI joint injection) places a numbing medicine into the joint to provide immediate relief. This is often used to confirm whether your pain is due to the sacroiliac joint. This treatment can provide relief for several months.

PRP Therapy for Joint Pain

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy offers a revolutionary way to relieve pain. Platelets, which are packed with growth and healing factors, initiate repair while attracting the critical assistance of stem cells. PRP therapy intensifies the body’s ability to heal by delivering a higher concentration of platelets. To begin treatment, we draw a small sample of your blood (similar to a lab test sample), and place it in a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds. This separates the platelets from other components. We then inject the concentrated, platelet-rich plasma into and around the point of injury, which jump-starts and significantly improves your body’s ability to heal. Since we use your own blood, there is no risk of transmissible infection and a very low risk of allergic reaction.

Other Treatments for Joint Pain

In addition to the above treatments, we offer cortisone shots for joint pain. These are commonly used to treat joint pain because they alleviate symptoms within days and provide long-lasting relief. To find out if you are a good candidate for these treatments, schedule an appointment with our office. During your initial appointment, a doctor at Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates will review your medical history and complete a thorough exam to ensure that you are a good candidate.

If you are considering a joint pain treatment at Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve patients from Alpharetta, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and the surrounding Georgia communities.